Engineering & Construction


Now-a days, the most successful organizations across Engineering and Construction industries have a few things in common. They strive to improve customer experiences, align to tech trends faster, and are extremely efficient in their Engineering & Construction investments. It is no longer sufficient to simply design products that meet frugal customer’s needs. It’s now imperative to create an engaging relationship as well. With products having shorter lifespans and customers having more options to choose from, the real lifetime value of a customer can only be realized by companies who are consumed with a determination to provide differentiated and flawless customer experiences.


Software Engineering

The highly competitive software product engineering service industry continues to witness a move to utility-based software delivery through Software as a Service technology. 

The increasing pace of innovation has shortened software products’ lifecycles. Visionary industry leaders have realized the importance of collaboration to stay competitive and have started building their global engineering product development ecosystems to ‘out-innovate’ competitors.
In this challenging environment, software engineering companies require more than just another offshore services vendor on a piecemeal basis. They need a strategic software engineering services and products partner who can share and execute, based on the product’s long-term strategic vision. At Chief ERP, we share the innovation and product strategy vision of our partners. We are fully committed to strengthen innovation, while contributing the right value through product intelligence.


Database Design Engineering

Database infrastructure services are undergoing a transformation, as IT solutions become more customer-focused and systems progress toward responsive, end-user driven models.

Strategic business activities such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and cost optimization require highly agile and inexpensive IT infrastructure and applications. Enterprises therefore seek technology solutions that are aligned to business objectives, and can achieve optimal response time, availability, throughput, and resource utilization. As many companies still employ expensive, inefficient database administration (DBA) platforms, there is also a rising demand for an effective tool that can handle complex database systems.ChiefERP’s Database Engineering and Management Suite enables efficientdatabase administration and offers standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other knowledgedocuments for database management. The offering, including services such as incident resolution, datamigration andupgrades, helps significantly reduce operational costs, while boosting business agility.


System Engineering

In today’s Business arena – every company need to act as an IT company. The sooner an organization realizes this simple fact the sooner they can leverage IT as a competitive advantage and make quantum leaps in growth and profitability.

Chief ERP Systems Engineering Services is a boutique consulting which specializes in helping well established companies leverage IT as a competitive advantage through such leading edge technologies and methodologies as Development and operations (DevOps) , Agile Development & Coaching, QA Automation, Continuous Delivery & Integration, Test Driven Development, PMO & Quality Gating, Big Data, Cloud Computing & Application Life Cycle Management.