Get introduced with ChiefERP specialized ERP solution for all the leading brokerage houses and TREC holders of DSE and CSE  of the Capital Market in Bangladesh. The entire activity is based on a state-of-the-art stock market specific software platform called ChiefERP_Capitalent Manager. It performs key functions like: Provides the client facing interface for users to manage their stock portfolio and place orders on the Chittagong and Dhaka Stock Exchange (real-time stock quotations and other market information, instant order execution); Provides the back office interface and database for account management, stock market orders supervision, accounting, etc.

A Confronting Story for Our Future Clients

ChiefERP was contracted to develop a new major version of the ChiefERP_Capitalent Manager platform, adding a wealth of key features and improving application usability and security. After delivering the new version of ChiefERP_Capitalent Manager, ChiefERP continues to provide mission critical software maintenance services to Inter dealers on a permanent basis.

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